Welcome to the Phi Chi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon!

Diversity. Drive. Strength. Initiative. 

      These are all qualities that Delta Phi Epsilon women embody. My sisters have taught me to be proud of who I am, and have instilled a certain confidence in me that I can't describe. We make up a house the is multi-talented, because each of us brings a unique aspect to the house, and each of us is motivated by each other to succeed at what we do. 
       We have our music majors, our science majors, and our communication majors, and the drive that each one of us has to succeed reflects on one another and promotes improvement. Being in D Phi E means that you are a woman capable of being much more than what people stereotype you to be. It means you pursue your dreams in the face of adversity, and it means you are loyal to your sisters despite any conflict that arises between them. Delta Phi Epsilon has lit a fire underneath us that inspires us to achieve excellence in everything that we pursue. It has given us the confidence to believe that we are capable of doing anything we want to.

Yours, in True Sisterhood

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DPhiE as an international organization

With over 50,000 initiates worldwide, Delta Phi Epsilon sisters have formed chapters all over the United States and Canada. For more information, please visit our national website.  

Follow @UMBCDeephers on Twitter!

Follow @UMBCDeephers on Twitter!