Welcome to the Phi Chi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon!

We Are Delta Phi Epsilon! 

      A sorority wouldn't be a sorority at all if it weren't made up of its own unique, passionate individuals. The women in Delta Phi Epsilon represent the strongest, most driven women you'll ever meet. Each girl that you meet in this chapter will be completely different. Each girl has a different major, different hobbies, different priorities, and different goals. But we are all united by a bond stronger than you can imagine - sisterhood. 

      Sisterhood motivates you to be your best self. Sisterhood inspires you to practice kindness and patience every day. Sisterhood gives you courage. Sisterhood makes you laugh and cry. Sisterhood opens new doors and allows you to meet new people and new opportunities.

      Here in Delta Phi Epsilon, we strive to maintain excellence in everything we do. We believe that the most important things in college come down to this: sisterhood, scholarship, service in our communities, our selves and our well-being, and our social contact with all of those around us. We truly believe that Delta Phi Epsilon has not only changed our college experience, but it has also changed our lives.

       If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at sm18777@umbc.edu.

Yours, in True Sisterhood

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DPhiE as an international organization

With over 50,000 initiates worldwide, Delta Phi Epsilon sisters have formed chapters all over the United States and Canada. For more information, please visit our national website.  

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Follow @UMBCDeephers on Twitter!